Adventures Unlimited Website UX

Morris Creative Group came to me with this week long contract gig. They wanted me to start from the projects inception to redesign , a travel/booking website for white water rafting down the ocoee river.

Adventures Unlimited / Ocoee River Rafting & Adventures / Website UX
After some intial quick sketching, I found the story that I wanted to tell. The story would be created by the users , now becoming "Adventurers". I felt like it was important to give the user a sense of context throughout the exploration & booking processes. 
The points of enguagement that have been created are very organic. The experience is designed to be very modular so that from both the Company's side & the Users point of View. After exploring many travel sites, and seeing what was done well to inform, enguage, and guide...I knew that it was important not to overwhelm the user with too much information at once. However, I found that planning a vacation should be in the hands of the people that are actually going to experience it. I wanted to make sure that the user could make the Adventure, truly theirs. 
Social elements were very important to the Company, and i knew that i wanted to combine the functionality of spreading the word & the consumers desire to share how they feel, taking into consideration which elements of a sensory experience can enhance a story.
This is the second concept, i decided to start with a mobile first approach. With limited screen real estate, I had to set priorities between enguaging, informing, and guiding the user. Honestly I found a great balance because there is still a sense of exploration in the experience.
Self discovery is very important when planning an Adventure (family vacation). I believe there is a sense of pride in this discovery that adds value to the booking experience, making the process intuitive while adding a sense of excitement.
Adventures Unlimited wanted the ability to "bundle" certain packages along with their featured Adventures. So I expanded on the idea of the modular booking widget. 
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