Contract Activity Management System

CAMP is a b2b responsive application that facilitates and validates the management of certain data pertaining to payment for goods and services rendered by request of Southern Company Inc.

CAMP 3.0 for Southern Co // 
Dear all business stakeholders, their interests and tasks, the employees at all levels of contextual infrastructure.... I need to feel what they feel...then reproduce the puzzle via many many many visual diagrams, methods, models, and paradigms. 

Eventually creating Service Blueprints of the past, locating pain points, then creating Blueprint of a Future type that pitch the new design.

Above, is a collection of sketches that transformed an idea to concept, and the images showcase the final UI.
Below are visuals of the completed comps for the visual design of CAMP. The visual aspect of the site was a challenge in itself because Southern Company had just rebranded.
There were no standards for internal web apps, so I utilized the newest brand guidlines for the commercial side of SoCo & translated the language from b2c to b2b.
CAMP contained a lot of data, personnel, and no requirements effort for a 2 year endeavor that I was in charge of leading the design efforts all the way from initially planning to go out and perform contextual research to produce our own data via going on ride alongs with the actual users/ crew/ workers employed my SCS or External Vendors.

Above,a quick breakdown of how to approach & execute the standard scopes of projects.

Below... what is a Service Blueprint, and the ingredients?

We took the time to co-create extensively, and our whole department would get together to see our War Corner. I love incorporating Service Methods in the mix to add plenty of that juicy context. This mapping system over time... provides a holistic birds eye view of southern companies infrastructure, the relationships to their vendors, and all of the business tasks that need to be executed by the current application. That includes a lot of user in different contextual situations and positions.

Me and Justin did a few ride alongs so we could represent the main demographics in our design research. 

Here is a brief outline of how we approached the "in the field" guerilla style contextual inquiries.

​​​​​​​1. ELMO is like a mom and pop vendor theyre small. 2. The forestry unit represented the second stage of approval with Auditors, as well as crew working under a large vendor to trim trees. 3. Jeffereson St. is the largest independent vendor by far having the own unique ways of recording certain data.

Post gather data and after many whiteboard sessions all the blueprint were complete and we were able to deduce basic gaps in process and opportunities for design.

However I needed to speak with the stakeholders, because they are the "Admins" Who run this application everyday along with, the vendors who provide data entry + initial approval... of equipment used hous billed, etc..

Solution! Face to Face meeting between all Operating Companies representing CAMP.

I simply setup a computer so the stakeholders from the different markets could walk through the application as they related to it everyday.  The stakeholders were to show Justin, the team and I how they uniquely used the app to execute business tasks, that is after 12 years of the same old system in this fast paced ever changing world. 

It turns out that over the last 12 years these seasoned VETS had "work-arounds or hacks" if you will.

I took notice of this and quickly applied it to the Service blueprint as another wild layer of ideas. basically the employees and their higher ups know the business task, they need the system and the tools to work for them.

When creating "Future Blueprints" I present the holistic infrastructure of my conceptual pitch. They want an application, a slick efficient app that works on all sized devices, not a problem. I went with existing functionality... I just incorporated my own knicks and knacks and added the pinch of genius that was the stakeholders interactive walkthroughs.

It's all about the safari. The hunt, whats worth seeking out? The hack became the backbone for prominent new features in the application.

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