Port | Design Concept for Freescale Semiconductor

Port | is a project that was developed during the Commercial Practices class at SCAD for Freescale and Surface Inc.

Port | Concept for Freescale 

The brief was to design a tablet that would be targeted to a specific demographic (17-22 years) and and meet a price range under $249.

Press + Media : : Gizmodo, Engadget, Slashgear, Freescale, EE Times

Inspiration was taken from the status of current objects many of us own already. It can easily be assumed that those looking into buying a tablet are already surrounded by technology and a multitude of different devices and objects. Due to the hybrid nature of a tablet in terms of usability and function, a strong emphasis was placed on creating a system that would be adaptable and compatible with other devices, making existing experiences and relationships with products even richer.
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